Hotel Juenmi

That’s juenmi

juenmi or you & me
You and me is our life motto. Our juenmi is diverse and multifaceted. Your juenmi might be an encounter between two people, reconnecting with each other or the natural world. Being and getting in touch with all that’s around you. After all, when we’re together and paying respectful attention to the people we’re with, our environment and all that surrounds us, then we have a solid basis for satisfaction and happiness. This especially includes those little moments in life. And you’ll never be short of these in and around the juenmi. You and me. Nature and me. Me and peace, rest, and relaxation. As is well known, one plus one equals two, or perhaps also more?


We love stories
On our travels and at the places we’ve lived in the past, we’ve particularly appreciated being surrounded by people whose stories could inspire us. Whose passion and dedication were palpable in the telling. In the telling of life stories and concepts. This influenced what we did and how we did it. It stimulated creative thinking processes for our own lives. The positive attitude and euphoria of these people rubbed off on us too.
When it became clear that we wanted to come back to Sillian to live, to be your hosts in the juenmi, we knew straightaway that we wanted to create a place for genuine encounters. A place where it would be possible to tell or hear fascinating and stimulating stories, where everyone would be able to make their own collection of very special moments. Moments that would give rise to new and inspiring stories.


Experience a vacation with all the senses
Rest and recuperation at every level. The chance to enjoy your vacation with all your senses. That’s what we want to offer our guests. The opportunity to be active in a relaxed way. In body, soul, and spirit. The best way to get this on vacation is by opening up to those little moments and details that often only get noticed at second glance. And you’ll never run short of these in the juenmi and its vicinity. Little moments of happiness. They’re there for you to discover on relaxed walks through the woods, when hiking through colorful Alpine meadows, up at the summit cross, or in the juenmi’s four walls. When you take the time to pay conscious attention to and enjoy the little moments and simple things, to explore your environment without the pressure of some big goal. To open up to what’s there for you to discover locally. That’s real holiday happiness.


Our guests expect a personal atmosphere that’s like being with the family. We treat our guests and our staff with respect and appreciation and love openness, straightforwardness, authenticity, and real conversations.

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